David Borhidan
General Digital Photographer

About Me

Hy. I am David. I like all kind of photography. I started to take shots long time ago when I was a kid.
First I begin to publish my works on deviantart and now I landed here and want to spent a little time on this page .
I like to travel all over the world ...and if you travel, you have chances to see a lot of interesting things...so I think you will enjoy my gallery and I hope to take you to a little tour . Have fun !
Youtube : youtube.com/DjSteaua
deviantArt : dj-steaua.deviantart.com
blogger : davidborhidan.blogspot.com

my photo-video pages

Sedinte foto de promotie , portofoliu etc in aer liber in Cluj Napoca !
Contact : davidb.fotograf@yahoo.ro
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